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What to Expect after Ultrasonic Lipo

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After ultrasonic liposuction surgery, you can expect to see some swelling and bruising, this is normal. Though many patients expect to see results immediately, it’s important to remember that your body is swollen because it has been injected with a large volume of fluids which will actually make you look like you’ve gained some weight in the areas that were treated. Within about 2 weeks after your ultrasonic liposuction treatment, much of the bruising and swelling will have gone down to reveal a slimmer look.

After ultrasonic liposuction, you will need to take some time off from your regular activities for about a week. You may need to take even more time off from strenuous activities. Your doctor will help you decide when to begin a normal exercise program again following ultrasonic liposuction surgery. Rest is an important part of a successful recovery. Without rest, the healing process could actually take longer and patients could become more susceptible to complications after the procedure. If you’ve had a large area treated, you will probably feel very tired and perhaps weak in the first few days after surgery as your body pools it’s resources into the process of healing.

Moving around is important too and your doctor will encourage you to get up and move around after your surgery, if only to go to the bathroom at first. Some movement during those first few days after your surgery can help prevent dangerous blood clots from forming in the body. Your doctor will provide you with recommendations about how much movement and exercise is appropriate immediately following surgery. Non-strenuous activity will need to be counter-balanced with plenty of rest, especially during the first week of recovery.

Expect that you will have some pain and burning perhaps following your ultrasonic liposuction procedure. Nerve endings were severed during the surgical procedure and as they start to grow back, you will experience a variety of sensations ranging from numbness to tingling in the area that was treated.

Ultrasonic Liposuction After-Care Tips

It’s important to plan ahead for the recovery period that will follow ultrasonic liposuction surgery. You will need several days to rest before you’ll be able to return to normal activities and during this rest period, it can be helpful to have a plan in place to make it easier to care for yourself. Below are some tips to help you get through those initials days of recovery right after your surgery:

  • Ask someone to stay at your house for the first 24 hours after surgery to help care for you
  • Get your prescription medications and compression garments prior to surgery
  • Get a timer and set it near your medications to help you remember to take them on time
  • Have a set of loose, comfortable clothes that you can wear when your body is still a bit sore and bruised
  • Prepare some healthy, low sodium, nutritious meals in advance to get you through the first few days after surgery
  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.
  • Get some puzzles, reading materials, DVD’s, and other items to keep yourself entertained
  • Take showers. Don’t soak in bathtubs, hot tubs, or pools because of the risk of infection.
  • Use warm, not hot water for showers.
  • Arrange your schedule so that you can get a lot of rest, especially for the first 3-7 days following surgery
  • Stay out of the sun to promote healthy healing of your incisions
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